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The school has teachers who have graduated from major art colleges and universities in China and have more than 10 years of teaching experience in art examination. Some of the teachers are the judges of the annual examination of colleges and universities。They have rich experience in teaching various arts majors。Targeted teaching, so that candidates can quickly master the content and skills of professional examinations after learning in a short period of time, so as to successfully pass the professional examinations。There are professional teachers in the professional class, and professional class teachers in the morning and evening self-study also lead students to practice。


In the professional aspect, the core requirements of college enrollment are clarified, the main knowledge points are quantified, and the exam-oriented training is adopted with the direct goal of studying.Point-to-point breakthrough for professional examination content;Comprehensively measure students' level, combine students' interests, formulate the application policy highlighting students' own advantages, and guide students to apply for school。According to the characteristics of art examinees, the corresponding cultural course learning plan is formulated。All-day learning, closed management。Professional courses and cultural courses are studied at the same time, so that students have professional and cultural protection。


We have developed a management system that suits the actual situation of the school。Standardized teaching management, such as teacher post target responsibility system, class teacher responsibility system and quantitative management of students' phased learning。Cultivate good behavior habits and team concept after freshmen enter the school;Teachers should make teaching objectives and learning plans according to the specific situation of students and take responsibility for others;Each class is equipped with a full-time class teacher。The head teacher and the students "same class, eat, sleep together" to solve the students' study, life and ideological problems in a timely manner;And often communicate with students' parents to urge students to progress together。


Hierarchical training: Many art classes take a pot pot way to teach, which has a large number of people can not be a good lesson, different levels of students and the class efficiency is not high drawbacks, and we according to the different levels of students to make up for free lessons, according to the basis of students to draw up teaching plans。
  Guidance strategy: The 2021 unified examination has a relatively high overall requirement for art candidates,This requires the majority of art candidates to go out,You can't just pick a few teachers for a few months like you used to,Because the exam is very competitive,Concurrent specialized course,Professional basic courses are also more harsh,Therefore, from the primary stage, our school has set up unified examination questions and professional imaging equipment for simulated examination practice,Strive to students in the examination room with ease。


We have standard classrooms, piano rooms, practice rooms, piano rooms, student apartments, student dining halls, study rooms and other perfect teaching and living facilities, providing a reliable hardware guarantee for students' study and life。Student dormitory management is strict, student canteen three meals a day, the canteen provides breakfast, lunch, dinner, a variety of forms for free choice, so as to suit students' eating habits and ensure nutritional needs;The electronic monitoring system and infrared monitoring and alarm system throughout the floor provide security for students。


Inner Mongolia Yiyun Education is an art education and training school engaged in college entrance examination, located in Kaixuan Square, Zhaowuda Road, Sai Han District, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, with well-developed transportation and convenient living facilities, close to Inner Mongolia Normal University and Inner Mongolia College of Arts。

Address: Inner Mongolia Saihan District Zhaowuda Road No. 88 Kaixuan Square courtyard

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