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College entrance examination art pre-examination training educational institutionsImproving students' examination ability is the core

  Inner Mongolia Yiyun Education is a college entrance examination art pre-exam training teaching institution approved by the competent department of Hohhot City government。

  Thirteen years since its inception,All the teaching staff of Yiyun holds the professional and practical attitude of responsibility and the teaching concept of passing the art examination,Devote oneself to teaching and training,Do what you can for the sake of art college students,We are conducting rigorous study of professional courses and cultural courses,For 13 consecutive years, it has a high passing rate in the Inner Mongolia Music Unified Examination and joint examination,Ranked among the 32 arts examination training institutions in the region,Good results, higher pass rate, less cost, popularity, in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region music unified examination repeatedly achieved good results。


Address: Inner Mongolia Saihan District Zhaowuda Road No. 88 Kaixuan Square courtyard

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