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In 2017, the admission of the National Academy of Chinese Opera is not divided into arts, arts and sciences

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  The National Academy of Chinese Opera independently delimits the cultural admission control score line of the College Entrance examination, regardless of arts, arts and sciences (hereinafter referred to as the self-drawing).。According to the characteristics of different majors in our institute, the self-marking is delimit according to the comprehensive consideration of the candidates' professional scores and college entrance examination scores (including policy bonus points, the same below), and with reference to the Beijing 2017 art undergraduate admission control score line。

After all the exams are over,Chinese opera studiesAccording to the requirements of the comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical and beauty, candidates who have passed the major and achieved the college entrance examination score will be admitted by our institute in accordance with the following principles:

(1) Major in Drama, Film and Television Literature (including drama literature and International Cultural Exchange),Drama, Film and Television Art Design (including opera stage design, stage Lighting Design, makeup Design) and Fashion and Costume Design (Opera Costume Design),College entrance examination results reached our admission self-marking,Add 60% of the major score and 40% of the college entrance examination score,Admission is ranked according to the total score。

(2) Other majors and recruitment directions, college entrance examination scores reached our admission line, according to the professional score ranking admission。

(3) In the case of the same professional scores, priority will be given to those with higher college entrance examination scores。

(4) Candidates who have obtained two or more professional certificates of our college, and the order of filling in the professional examination and the college entrance examination is inconsistent, the professional examination and the first choice will be given priority under the same conditions。

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