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Registration for the 2018 Chongqing Art Examination closes today

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  Candidates who apply for art majors must comply with the relevant requirements of Chongqing Education Examination Institute "Notice on Doing a good job in Chongqing 2018 General College Enrollment Registration"November 13 to November 22, 2017Go to the registration points set up by the district and county (autonomous county) admission and examination institutions to participate in the general college entrance examination registration, at the same time to collect fingerprints (for the identification of candidates in the process of professional examination), and to choose art major test sites online。

  (A) Select the scope of students: Candidates apply for the category of literature and history and the test type is liberal arts (art)[13], science and technology and the test type is science (art)[17], or vocational counterpart and the test type is [69] art, this project is required。

  (2) Specific requirements for selecting test sites: The selection of test sites will be carried out simultaneously when applying for the college entrance examination。Those who participate in Chongqing art major统考Students must choose a test center online。There are three test centers for fine arts in the city: Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Southwest University and Chongqing Normal University. Candidates can only choose one test center. If a test center has full capacity, they can only choose an unfilled test center.In other art categories, music, choreography, film and television, and dance should be selected。

  Candidates only apply for Chongqing Unified examination not involved in art majors, such as sports dance, recording art, calligraphy, etc., can not participate in Chongqing Unified examination of art majors, but must choose "Chongqing Unified Examination not involved in art"。

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