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  • A surname

    A surname

    Cheng Haijun, founder of Saihan District Yiyun Piano Company, graduated from Art College of Inner Mongolia University in 2008, studied vocal music under Professor Shi Weisheng, a famous teacher, and founded Saihan District Yiyun Piano in the same year...
  • 董耀


    He has been engaged in teaching and student management for many years, with rich experience and solid teaching theory. With many years of teaching and management experience in art training, he has trained for major art colleges and universities inside and outside the district...
  • Li Jianguo

    Li Jianguo

    I graduated from Baotou Normal College, Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology, majoring in musicology. I studied under Professor Ma Chunyu, and won the first prize and other excellent results in my professional field for many times...
  • Zhang Zhaocai

    Zhang Zhaocai

    Zhang Chaocai (Vice President), Han, member of the Communist Party of China。I have been engaged in student management for many years and have rich experience. From 2006 to 2010, I worked in Inner Mongolia North Vocational College, School...
  • Yandeng Sea

    Yandeng Sea

    Yan Denghai, Han, member of the Communist Party of China。He graduated from Baotou Normal College, Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology。In 2018, he won the 3rd Xindi Cup Applied Piano International Open Competition in China...
  • Wang Haochen

    Wang Haochen

    Wang Haochen (Lecturer) graduated from the School of Art of Inner Mongolia University with a bachelor's degree in composition and a master's degree in composition. He is currently a teacher of the Music Department of Inner Mongolia University of Art, Inner Mongolia...

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