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  • 邢茜


    Xing Qian: Young soprano singer, associate professor, master tutor, Inner Mongolia Academy of Arts vocal music professional teacher, member of Inner Mongolia Musicians Association, part-time vocal music professional Italy...
  • 王雄


    Vice President of Yi Yun Han, young tenor graduated from Art School of Inner Mongolia University in 2007, studied under Professor Jia Zhong from 2008 to 2020, worked in Baotou Art School in 2009...
  • Yang Jiawei

    Yang Jiawei

    In September 2013, Yang Jiawei was admitted to the Music College of Jining Normal University with excellent results. She majored in musicology and studied under Associate Professor Gao Wa。During the undergraduate period, won the country for three consecutive years...
  • Udlev


    Art consultant
    Udlev Mongolian young opera singers in Europe have graduated from the University of Siena in Florence, Italy, the University of Stranieridisiena, Italy, Milan, Verdi...
  • Oh Zara Tao

    Oh Zara Tao

    Art consultant
    Wu Zara Tao is a young tenor and musician of the Siber nationality. She is a doctor, post-doctor, professor and master tutor in the field of minority vocal singing and theoretical research.Music and...
  • Wang Guodong

    Wang Guodong

    Wang Guodong Tenor Member of China Young Singers Committee, member of Inner Mongolia Hohhot Musicians Association。Under the direction of: Korean coloratura soprano Choi Son Ja...

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