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Performance education major
  Training objectives: The aim is to cultivate professional performing arts talents with all-round development of morality, intelligence, body and beauty, with modern education and teaching concepts, systematic performance professional knowledge, and good comprehensive humanistic quality, who can adapt to the education and teaching of middle and higher schools and various cultural, enterprises and institutions。

Film and television major
  Training objectives: To train senior professionals who have the ability of film and television performance and can engage in performance, teaching and research work in professional art groups, art colleges and other relevant departments and institutions。
  Training requirements: Students of this major mainly learn the basic theory and basic knowledge of performance, accept the strict skills training of this major, and have a high ability of film and television performance。

First-class institution
  Beijing Film Academy, Central Academy of Drama, Shanghai Theatre Academy, PLA Academy of Arts, Communication University of China, and National Academy of Chinese Opera

Second class institutions
  Nanjing University of the Arts, Shandong University of the Arts, Tianjin Conservatory of Music, Shenyang Conservatory of Music, Jilin University of the Arts, Zhejiang Communication University, Chongqing University, Communication University of China, Nanguang Branch of Xie Jin College of Film and Television, Shanghai Normal University
Third-class institutions
  Beijing City College, Beijing Union University, Sichuan University of Communication, Hebei University of Communication (as well as performing arts colleges in various provinces)

Establish an institution

  [Beijing Area] Beijing Film Academy, Communication University of China, Central Academy of Drama, National Academy of Chinese Opera, PLA Academy of Arts, Beijing Dance Academy, Beijing Union University, Capital Normal University, Beijing City College
  【十大网络彩票平台大全】 Tianjin Polytechnic University, Tianjin Normal University, Tianjin Conservatory of Music
  [Hebei] Hebei University of Media and Communication
  【十大靠谱彩票平台送彩金】 Inner Mongolia University
  【十大网络彩票平台大全】 Liaoning University, Liaoning University of Science and Technology, Dalian Jiaotong University, Shenyang Normal University, Shenyang Conservatory of Music, Shenyang University, Dalian Institute of Art
  【十大网络彩票平台大全】 Yanbian University, Jilin College of Arts
  【十大网络彩票平台大全】 Harbin Normal University, Harbin Institute of Physical Education
  【十大网络彩票平台大全】 Tongji University, Donghua University, Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai Theatre Academy, Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts
  【十大靠谱彩票平台送彩金】 Nanjing University of the Arts, Communication University of China Nanguang College
  Zhejiang University of Media and Communication
  【十大靠谱彩票平台送彩金】 Nanchang University, East China Jiaotong University, Jiangxi Normal University, Yichun College, Gannan Normal University
  [Shandong] Shandong University of Arts, Shandong Institute of Arts and Crafts
  【十大靠谱彩票平台送彩金】 Henan University, Shangqiu Normal College
  【十大靠谱彩票平台送彩金】 Wuhan College of Media and Communications, Central China Normal University, Wuhan University, Wuhan Conservatory of Music
  【十大网络彩票平台大全】 Hunan University, Jishou University
  【十大网络彩票平台大全】 Guangdong Ocean University, Shenzhen University, Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Branch
  Guangxi University of the Arts
  【十大网络彩票平台大全】 Chongqing University, Southwest University, Yucai College, Southwest University, Chongqing Normal University, Foreign Business School
  【十大靠谱彩票平台送彩金】 Sichuan University, Chengdu University of Technology, Sichuan Normal University, Neijiang Normal University, Sichuan Conservatory of Music, Southwest University for Nationalities, School of Radio, Film and Television, Chengdu University of Technology, College of Arts and Sciences, Sichuan Normal University, Jincheng Science, Sichuan University,
  [Guizhou] Guizhou University
  【十大网络彩票平台大全】 Yunnan Arts University, Yunnan Arts University Wenhua College
  【十大靠谱彩票平台送彩金】 Xi 'an Engineering University, Shaanxi Normal University, Xi 'an International Studies University, Xi 'an Foreign Affairs University

  1. One month's accommodation fee can be waived for long-term class advance registration
  2, the tuition fee for two months is 500 yuan off
  3, 2-4 group tuition discount of 500 yuan per person
  4. For groups of 6 or more, the tuition fee is 1000 yuan off per person
  5, tuition includes: teaching materials, learning materials, school supplies, bedding three sets
  6. Limited tuition waiver for poor students

  Recitation: Basic practice, selection of works, recitation skills
  Vocal music: singing skills, vocal methods, analysis of works
  Acting: Basic training, skits, improv
  Physical: basic skills training
  Cultural subjects: Chinese, Math, English, Arts and Science

  1, acting professional start time: on demand
  2. Registration conditions: Students who are interested in applying for art colleges and universities can register for the art examination
  3. Location: Opposite No. 170, South Xingan Road, Saihan District, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia
  4, to visit and register students must contact the school in advance for free pick-up。

  1, well-known art universities over the years top secret professional exam questions sharing
  2, professionals for students to develop learning plans and art school selection
  3. Professors from famous universities teach in person

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