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Musicology major

The aim is to cultivate professional talents in music art with all-round development of morality, intelligence, body and beauty, with modern education and teaching concepts, systematic professional knowledge of music, and good comprehensive humanistic quality, who can adapt to the education and teaching of middle and higher schools and various cultures, enterprises and institutions。


Music performance major

To cultivate senior professionals who have the ability of music performance and can engage in performance, teaching and research work in professional art groups, art colleges and other relevant departments and institutions。Training requirements: Students of this major mainly learn the basic theory and basic knowledge of music performance, accept the strict skills training of this major, and have a high ability of conducting or singing (playing)

Music education major

  "Normal major: Study subjects: vocal music (singing), piano, solfeggio (singing score: simple score, staff), music theory;Requirements: Good overall quality of music;Job direction: Teachers in primary and secondary schools, universities, literary and art staff, entertainers, literary and art editors and office staff。

  Non-normal professional vocal music major: learning subjects: vocal singing, music theory, solfeggio ear training, etc.Condition requirements: sound condition is good, musical sense is good;Job direction: Teachers in primary and secondary schools, universities, professional singers, art groups, professional singers, etc。

  Non-normal professional instrumental music major: Study subjects: instrumental playing skills, music theory, solfeggio ear training, etc.Requirements: Love the profession, good musical sense, good sense of rhythm;Job direction: Teachers in primary and secondary schools, universities, professional art troupes, symphony orchestras, etc。

Professional colleges of vocal music

  • Key colleges and universities

    Central Conservatory of Music, China Conservatory of Music, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, PLA Academy of Arts

  • First-class institution

    Conservatory of Music of Minzu University of China, Sichuan Conservatory of Music, Xinghai Conservatory of Music of Tianjin Conservatory of Music, Wuhan Conservatory of Music, Shenyang Conservatory of Music, Xi 'an Conservatory of Music, Nanjing University of the Arts, Inner Mongolia University of the Arts, Shandong University of the Arts, Jilin University of the Arts, Yunnan University of the Arts, Xinjiang University of the Arts and Guangxi University of the Arts

  • Second class institutions

    Capital Normal University, School of Music, Renmin University of China, Department of Music, Beijing Normal University, Tianjin Normal University, East China Normal University, Northern University for Nationalities, Northeast Normal University, Inner Mongolia Normal University, Henan Normal University, Shandong University, Xiamen University, Tsinghua University, Wuhan University, Shanxi University, Shenzhen University, Liaoning University, Hainan University, Shanxi Normal University。

Course effect

1. Understand the examination content and process of each art college, and analyze and explain the purpose of examining students for specific subjects。

2. Analyze several major items involved in the production and directing major, so that students can understand the focus of each school's investigation of students, and conduct targeted exercises, only for the examination of art colleges specializing in production and directing。

3, professional teachers for the candidates to develop learning plans and art college application plan。


1, music major start time: on demand。

2. Registration conditions: Students who are interested in applying for art colleges and universities can register for the art examination。

3, class location: Inner Mongolia Saihan District Zhaowuda Road No. 88 Kaixuan Square yard。

4, to visit and register students must contact the school in advance, free pick-up。

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